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​Looking for 2015  global economy is growing

《国际电子商情》英飞凌科技(中国)有限公司总裁兼执行董事 赖群鑫

Infineon technologies (China) co., LTD., President and executive director Lai dequn xin

Looking ahead to 2015, there are signs that the global economy is growing.According to the organisation for economic co-operation and development (OCED) in November 2014 to provide report, global GDP growth is expected to 2013 and 2014 two years were 2.7% and 3.6% respectively, compared with 2008 in 2012 to an average compound growth rate of only 2.1%.ICInsights McClean report studies show that global GDP and usually has a high correlation between IC market.Over the next three years under the situation of global GDP growth of 3.5%, the output will remain around 10% of the global IC market growth.Because of the IC industry accounts for 80% of the semiconductor market, so the forecast trend for infineon as semiconductor company is a good sign.

China is in economic transition period at present.The focus shift from exports and investment and drive economic growth to environmental protection and sustainable domestic consumption growth, a move that is correct.During the transition period, however, was the headline news of economic growth is lower compared with calendar year growth levels.But China's economy as a GDP of about $10 trillion, 1% of the growth means that a $100 billion increase in its economic achievements.
Looking ahead to 2014, we expect wages will continue to rise, this is a health benefit from economic growth;But due to the electronics industry to cope with the challenge of important to growing demand for highly skilled staff, experienced technical and management talent shortage will become a problem.However, the size of the Chinese market and development potential will continue to create a lot of opportunities for the electronics industry.China has become the world's largest semiconductor and electronic markets, China's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is rapidly becoming a leader in the field of their own.

China's semiconductor and electronics market has great vitality.Leading figures in the field of the fluctuating constantly feel the vitality of the market and innovation.Thus demand for professional technologies and products have been improved.For infineon, challenges and opportunities coexist.Our strength lies in the semiconductor of integration in the customer system innovation.In order to maintain our leadership position in the field of energy efficient, mobility and safety, we must deeply understand the system and its application.We continue to improve application engineers in the aspect of system knowledge and experience, through the cooperation with the customer common drew the outline of the blueprint for future products.When the relevant plan being vigorously implement, can be in efficient, mobility and safety on a series of fruitful semiconductor innovation achievements.This is the infineon making long-term commitment to China's sustainable development.

China's auto market is expected in 2014 to around 10% growth.According to the four ministries issued in September on the continue to carry out the work of new energy automobile application notice, new energy vehicles subsidies will be extended to 2015;In addition, the requirements in the new or updated bus, business, logistics, sanitation vehicles the proportion of new energy vehicles is not lower than 30%.The advent of the era of new energy vehicles is promote cleaner of internal combustion engine vehicles and automotive semiconductor demand of the key factors.

In response to the new situation, infineon in the development of new energy vehicles have done a lot of work.Infineon is now able to hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV)/EV) offers from micro controller TriCore to automotive IGBT module (HybridPACKTM) only a complete series of products such as semiconductor suppliers.

China recently issued 4 g licences.China mobile, completed in August 20 billion yuan worth of bidding in the construction of 4 g networks.China telecom, then in October also conducted a similar $10 billion worth of base station bidding.The new base station requires the use of radio frequency power devices and power management devices.Support 4 g mobile phone SIM card is expected to make safety mobile payments as standard, stimulate the demand for safety controller.

In the central and western China, significantly speed up the pace of railway construction, China railway corporation in the near future vehicles more than 110 billion yuan worth of bidding.This will forcefully promote the IGBT module, etc. The demand of the traction power semiconductors.

In addition, has the support of key policy, renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar energy are also areas of concern.Similarly, energy-saving standards improve will also promote the growth of the frequency conversion air conditioning, and higher demand for semiconductors in frequency conversion air conditioning.

In China, both in the general inverter, high voltage inverter, induction heating inverter household appliances or in the field of wind power and solar energy, can find infineon power semiconductor products.At the same time we also involved in the transmission and distribution field, such as the use of we make of industrial-grade IGBT module, known as the PrimePACKTM realize long-distance transmission of high voltage direct current (dc) under low loss.

In the field of non-cash payment and mobile payment front, we launched in 2013 "LingJie mask" series includes a new generation of non-contact double SLE77 and SLE78 interface, the two products with leading security and reliability.In view of the dual interface card coil module (COM) and "LingJie mask" products for clients to improve productivity, shorten the product launch time.These products have been China unionpay and ministry approval, to enter the Chinese market success.

Generally speaking, we must fully understand the challenges of modern society, the government's policies, particularly with infineon relevant policies involved in the industry, the local Chinese market and customer specific requirements, as well as the target customers for its products.Infineon will continue to focus on energy efficiency, mobility and security field of the modern society faces three big challenges, efforts to deliver our commitment to sustainable development of China.