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The company launched the latest version of sell like hot cakes MICRO5P cable.
Transfer of more efficient - standard USB 2.0 interface
Charging more convenient - with the function of synchronous charging
USB 2.0 data cables, realize data synchronization charge synchronization function.
, line length 100 cm, noodles type appearance, beautiful and easy!
Standard USB2.0 interface, transmission faster, more convenient, with the function of charging!
Fine workmanship, the quality is superior
High quality wire, soft and durable
Product name: mini cable
Product color: black, white, red, orange, green, yellow, blue, pink, purple color (nine)
Product interface: MICRO5P interface
Line length: 100 cm
Wire materials: pure copper wire
Can work: charging and data transmission;
Product features: the 2014 model of the most popular style, micro cable product output interface for the five needle, line length 100 cm metal can transmit data and charge, pure copper wires and wire the input, output, outlet for frosted texture design.
Scope of application
Compatible with all kinds of android: most HTC phones, such as the G7 or G8, G9, G10, G11, a G12, G13, the G14, G15, G16, G17, etc
Most of MOTOROLA mobile phone, such as milestones, new XOOM, blackberry, samsung mobile phones, such as i9100, i9000, S5830, i9300, i9220,,,,, etc
Lenovo, cool, LG, OPPO, etc., other microUSB interface devices